One, Two, Three, Four….

It’s been rehearsal day for Noah’s Cape (Linda, Marian and Mark) That means lots of music and mugs of tea! The intensity of each rehearsal depends on the proximity of our next gig, and whether we’re learning new material or simply refreshing items in our current songbook.

Now Mark is up to speed with a lot of Noah’s Cape’s back catalogue, the pace is a little more relaxed and today was a chilled catch up and debrief following our performance last week in Stockton. We’ve received some lovely feedback and we’re now looking forward to Cromer where we’re playing on Saturday 12 May at 12pm at the White Horse Inn as part of the Folk On The Pier Fringe. (See their website for details of the Main and Fringe programme).

We decided to refresh several songs as some lyrics tend to stick in your mind easier than others. We also try to have a wide variety of arrangements with different moods, tones and instruments. Sometimes, we’ve been enjoying the song or the lead singer so much, we simply get lost in the music and forget it’s our time to play or sing harmony and we’ve been tightening those things up. As Linda reminded us, we’ve only been playing together for four months and we’ve come a long way in a short time.

We then followed that up with work on a new song we’re hoping to add to our repertoire. These are the hard yards that must be run in order to find the right instrumentation and vocals that work together. We’re nearly there with this one but you never know until a song is played to an audience. We all have homework to do and we’ll see how we did next week!

Speaking of which, we hope you all have a great week : )

Noah’s Cape
Linda, Marian and Mark x

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